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Saturday December 4, 2021
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM    Archery! - Archery, Session 8, 3:00pm
Come learn the Olympic sport of archery! Teams of certified USA Archery Instructors provide all equipment necessary for participants to learn the fundamentals and find their new passion. Each student receives their own bow, quiver, arrows and shooting lane spaced out 6’ or more apart from others. No prior experience necessary. Lessons include safety, skill technique, archery games and prizes for the top ace.This program is open to youth and adults! A great family activity!Presented by On the Mark Archery. Archery should be safe and fun. This balance is critical to make the experience in our programs exciting for all who want to explore the way of the bow. Our ‘learn by playing’ philosophy enables us to integrate key concepts of the shot process with unique challenges that engage students and give them a goal to work towards.