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Financial Aid Policy

The Hopkinton Parks and Recreation Department is committed to consistently providing high quality facilities, programs, and services to residents and visitors. In its goal to ensure Hopkinton Residents have equitable access to these facilities, programs, and services, and recognizing that Hopkinton is a diverse community with families of all socio-economic levels, the following policy has been developed to provide financial assistance to those that may otherwise be unable to afford paying the full amount of fees and charges.

In the event that a Hopkinton family is unable to pay the full amount of a fee or charge for a recreation program, the family should contact Hopkinton Parks and Recreation to request financial assistance. The department will request the applicant to verify financial need by providing documentation that they are receiving financial assistance from Hopkinton Public Schools. All scholarship requests and any associated documents that accompany an application will be treated with strict confidentiality. It is the intent of the recreation department that all recipients of scholarships are indistinguishable from patrons or participants that have paid the full amount of any fees or charges.

Families approved for financial assistance will receive a $1500.00 annual credit. This credit can only be used towards programs that are run by Parks and Recreations. We cannot provide assistance for programs run by outside vendors. We will not contact outside vendors on anyone’s behalf.

Below is a list of the programs eligible for scholarships. Please contact us for an up to date list.

Babe Ruth Baseball
Bus Fee for Hopkins, Middle School and High School Ski Program

Coed Adult Volleyball
In-Town Recreational Basketball

Men’s Basketball
Men's Softball

Women’s Softball
Sandy Beach Pass

Summer Basketball Clinics
Summer Football Clinic
Summer Playground Groups*
Summer Track and Field

Program costs will count towards the calendar year in which the program occurs - not the year of registration. For example, registration for the bus for the ski program takes place in the Fall. The cost of this program would count towards a family credit the following Spring.

Please contact the Parks and Recreation office with any questions.

*Playground Group restriction: credit may only be used towards 2 weeks of camp