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  • Saving Lives One EpiPen at a Time

    As an Ambassador Girl Scout in the town of Hopkinton,  I have been working on my Gold Award project that revolves around the encouragement of education on allergy and anaphylaxis awareness and preparedness. My Gold Award project goes hand-in-hand with my Silver Award project. For my Silver Awar, I worked with Hopkinton Park Recs to create a babysitting/CPR/first aid certification course. My Gold Award project is important to me because I have family and friends that have allergies that can lead to anaphylaxis. I have always found it important for me to encourage others in my community to educate themselves on the severity of anaphylactic reactions and allergies. A huge part of my project was creating this educational video with the help of HCAM to promote the research and education on anaphylaxis, allergies, and how to prevent or react in an emergency. I hope you are inspired by this video to be more allergy aware and consider becoming first aid/epi-Pen certified. 

    Thank you for watching!
    Ambassador Girl Scout
    Hopkinton Troop 72975

    Click HERE to watch the video

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