Hopkinton Parks and Recreation
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Turf Rules

Turf Rules for Fruit Street Complex and Hopkinton High School Turf

1) Water is the only beverage allowed on the Field Turf. 
2) Metal spikes of any kind are NOT permitted in the facility. 
3) No food of any kind allowed on turf. No SEEDS. No NUTS. No GUM. Etc.
4) No alcohol or tobacco products allowed on any school or town property including parking lots. 
5) No dogs or other pets or animals.
6) No golfing, javelins, grills, barbecuing, etc., permitted in the facility. 
7) No children under 14 years of age unless accompanied by an adult. 
8) No loud music, inappropriate, or illegal activities. 
9) No Tent stakes or Chairs with spikes 
10) No glass bottles or glass containers of any kind
11) No bicycles
12) No Shoveling 
13) No Trash or Recycling containers allowed on the turf (FSF only)
13) Surveillance cameras in use 

Please report any known positive Covid19 tests or exposure to someone with Covid19, as a result of participation on our sites to Hopkinton Parks and Recreation immediately.  508-497-9750