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Resident Non Resident Policy

Resident / Non Resident Program Policy

Effective March 1, 2024

Residents (R): 
-Person who resides in the Town of Hopkinton or attends a Hopkinton Public School.
-In addition, all town employees (and everyone in their immediate household) who live outside of Hopkinton but work for town departments, qualify as Residents.

Nonresidents (NR):  
-Person who does not reside in the Town of Hopkinton.

Hopkinton Parks and Recreation department will offer programs and services that will accommodate both Residents and Nonresidents. Residency will be determined when creating a “Household Account” on the Parks and Recreation registration website, MyRec. With a Hopkinton address as the permanent address, you will automatically be considered a resident. The Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to ask the primary household account member to show proof of residency by presenting a current utility bill if necessary.

Registration Fees and Time lines
-Residents will receive the “Resident” rate for programs and services and will have priority in terms of registration dates.

Unless otherwise noted, programs are available for non-residents with the following stipulations:
  • Registration for NR will open two (2) weeks after it does for R.
  • Registration rate for NR is increased by 20%.  Example:  $100 for residents, $120 for nonresidents.
The Director of Parks and Recreation with the support of the Parks & Recreation commission reserves the right to use discretion in certain programs.

The Resident/Non Resident program policy will be reviewed in January, 2025