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eScout Academy - Build Games and Science experiments, Winter Session

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eScout Academy offers After-school programs to elementary through middle school students related to computing and learn the basics of Science and Physical computing (STEM), Animation & Building games like Minecraft and Roblox, Lego robotics concepts, create games using python for middle school students. The course consists of different themed activities like Art, music, storytelling, interactive games, science experiments to inspire and engage students towards technology, and "Making STEM fun and real".

Courses focus on building creativity(through interactive exercises), social-emotional intelligence, peer-peer learning, working in a group environment, design thinking, mathematical thinkers, and real-world problem-solvers.

Course Offerings:
Animation and Develop Games - Level 1, Grade 2 -3 
Introduce students to code puzzles, express and apply computing steps, Build and play with code blocks (Animation, music/sound blocks). Build fun games and animations using Repetition and Events concepts. Unplugged Activities.

Animation and Develop Games - Level 2, Grade 3 -4
Introduction, usage of computers, develop foundation skills in computing using block-based code. Explore and play with blocks.  Building platform and multiplayer games, memory-based games using Sequencing, Loops, Conditionals concepts. Unplugged Activities

Animation and Develop Games - Level 3, Grade 3 -4
Introduction, develop foundation thinking skills in computing by exploring block-based code. Explore and create Maze game using step by step approach, and debug concepts. Building single and multiplayer arcade and sports games (Cover Repeat Until, Conditionals, Loops, Data and mathematical operators concepts). Unplugged Activities - Focus on how to approach difficult problems and problem-solving process.

Develop Games "Minecraft"  Level 1, Grade 3-4
Intro to Minecraft: Education Edition, students will explore different activities and concepts using Animal & Space Research center themes learn along the way Pattern Recognition, Sequencing and Loops, solve puzzles whale interacting with different game characters. Explore space theme: Ganymede & Saturn’s Rings: Focusing on learning the concepts of Booleans how they work in conditional settings. Unplugged Activities

Develop Games using “python/p5.js” Level 1, Grade 4-6
Introduction to foundational computing skills, a transition from blocks to simple code. Introduction to script using p5.js, animation basics, and interactive games. 
Introduction to Python: variables, loops, and functions to create visuals, artwork, simulations, game,s and more. Unplugged Activities

Develop Games using “python” Level 2, Grade 6-8
Introduction to computing skills, Introduction to python, practice DataTypes,. create and inspect Variables, Operator playground, learn functions using py turtle module, Build games (Bounce!, Race) using loops, conditionals, and functions Mini Final project: Guess Number game/Solar System and more. Unplugged Activities

General Information
Location: Online
Experience Level: Beginner - Moderate
Dates: See Below
Time: See Below
Grades: 2-8
Cost: See Below

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